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Wet room cleansing

Dead Sea Soap nurtures your skin

Many people find that traditional soap can leave their skin feeling tight and dry. Particularly when the skin is subject to repeated use, or you happen to have delicate skin, soap can strip away the natural oils. This in turn can lead to chapped, flaking skin and worrying reddening. One of the major advantages of a Dead Sea soap bar is that it's packed with skincare nutrients that support and nourish delicate skin tissue.


Dead Sea Mineral Soap is rich in therapeutic ingredient

The Dead Sea is packed with important minerals that play a key role in maintaining a healthy skin. Each of the Dead Sea scrub soap items we provide includes a significant concentration of calcium, magnesium, potassium, sulphur and more. From supporting bone and nail structure to improving skin moisture balance and providing a natural barrier to bacteria and germs, Dead Sea minerals can play a key role in providing skin with the nutrients it needs for optimal condition.


Dead Sea bath products provide a great bathing experience

For the ultimate in luxurious relaxation, why not try Dead Sea bath salts? Incorporating minerals that promote muscle relaxation, they're ideal for use when you're tired and sore at the end of a long day. Our Dead Sea bath salt is available in white or blue and is suitable for use for dry skin sufferers or those with sensitive skin. Dead Sea bath salts are available UK wide from our stockists or through our straight-forward, secure online ordering process and swift delivery service.


Dead Sea shampoo promotes smooth, silky hair

Mineral shampoo contains natural cleansers that gently remove grime and excess grease at the same time as supporting hair rejuvenation. Dead Sea shampoo is suitable for all hair types and provides deep down cleansing in addition to leaving your hair in premium condition. Roots are gently nurtured, whilst every strand is left soft, shiny and manageable. Used in conjunction with our selection of Dead Sea mineral soap products and bath salts, Dead Sea toiletries provide an appealing solution to all your personal hygiene needs.

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