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Manicures / Pedicures

Dead Sea hand cream protects and nourishes

Cold weather, water, wind or harsh soap can all play havoc with your hands. Particularly if you have delicate skin or skin which is sensitive, a good Dead Sea hand cream is an absolutely necessity. Dead Sea hand lotion incorporates the therapeutic blend substances found in the mineral rich Dead Sea, providing hands with a welcome boost that rejuvenates and nurtures. If you're looking for a hand lotion that gives effective, long term relief from dry, chapped skin, Dead Sea hand and body lotion can work wonderfully well.


High quality ingredients in every Dead Sea Hand Scrub we sell

When you select any Dead Sea products, you can be confident or enjoying premium ingredients which have been carefully blended to create a gentle product that also delivers effective results, Our selection of Dead Sea hand and body lotion contain therapeutic agents such as Carrot extract, Vitamin E and Jojoba oil, resulting in compounds which are easy to use at the same time as helping to give you the results you want.


Pamper yourself with Dead Sea foot cream

Feet are often one of the most neglected areas of the body, which is a shame when you consider how hard they have to work. A growing number of people are choosing to reward their feet with a Dead Sea foot treatment, incorporating a Dead Sea foot scrub and other top products to provide their feet with a refreshing, rejuvenating makeover. If you crave softer, smoother feet, a selection from our foot care range could really make a difference.


We are always happy to offer recommendations on our Dead Sea foot products

If you're not sure which items from our collection are best suited to your needs, we're always happy to advise. Many customers find that, with the right product combination, they notice a real improvement in foot and hand condition. As the sole stockist for La Cure in the UK, we known an plenty about the products we provide and are always happy to discuss them with you or answer any queries you have.

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