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Why not enjoy the benefits a Dead Sea face mask can bring?

Gentle enough for use on sensitive or older skin yet still producing a range of positive benefits, Dead Sea face wash and similar products provide a great boost to skin of all types. Naturally high in essential minerals, products which include Dead Sea ingredients can significantly improve skin condition, providing deep down cleansing and rejuvenation that's always appealing. If you want to use the healing power of nature to achieve lasting skin enhancement, Dead Sea face cream or a Dead Sea face scrub can work really well.


Benefit from a spa experience in the comfort of your home

Our Dead Sea face spa offers customers the chance to benefit from a combination of rich, powerful ingredients that can really make a difference. The facial skincare products we offer from La Cure include natural fruit extracts, Vitamin E and the abundant minerals of the Dead Sea. This unique, special combination of substances produces a facial treatment mixture that leaves your skin in great condition, nurtured and boosted naturally.


Dead Sea Face Treatment that's ethical

We make sure that as far as we can, all our products are sourced ethically and made in a way which minimises impact on our planet. Many of our ingredients are organic, providing a pure, natural skincare option. If you've got any queries regarding the provenance of our ingredients or the processes used to transform them into the exciting La Cure products on our pages, please get in touch and we'll be delighted to tell you more.


Why not purchase your Dead Sea face mask locally?

We supply a large number of beauty salons, spas and therapists across the country with a selection of top quality skincare for face and body. Not only will they be able to supply you with a Dead Sea face wash or similar, you can also get plenty of tips and tricks for using your La Cure products to best advantage. If you prefer, our dependable, secure site and rapid dispatch mean that online ordering is also a superb option.

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