Using Aromatherapy To Help Achieve Mental And Physical Wellbeing.

The seemingly endless, changing restrictions and lockdowns related to Covid-19 are leaving many people struggling emotionally and sadly in many cases also financially. Thus causing a large variety of negative emotions such as despair, fear, anger, depression, anxiety and loneliness to name but a few. These can be relating to yourself and concern for loved ones. 

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Coping With The Lockdown.

Firstly we’d like to wish everyone a safe and healthy lockdown, in these times our nation is witnessing heartache, great endurance and some truly heartwarming and inspiring moments. Isolating from our friends and family can be hard but with the combination of technology, wellness and an enduring spirit we will get through this. Here are some useful tips for making the most of lockdown, allowing us to find times of happiness and take a break from our busy lifestyles.

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Veganuary January – All Year Round Vegan Friendly Skincare Choices.


As January 2020 draws to a close so many of us are in the process of trying to stick with our personal New Year’s resolutions. Some being short term other more ambitious ones have goals of permanent lifestyle changes. Changing eating and drinking habits are popular choices, which fall beautifully in line with the promotion of healthy ethical eating through Veganism and Veganuary. 

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Look Your Best When You Feel Your Worst.

As the colder Autumnal weather takes a firm hold there’s always a flourish of articles detailing how to change your skincare regime to counteract environmental changes and the drying effects of central heating.  Here we deal more specifically with tackling the side effects on skin of common illnesses such as colds and flu. A combination of dampness, colder temperatures and heated indoor spaces creates the perfect breeding ground for germs and exacerbate their spreading.  Keeping skin looking healthy when battling these common illnesses can be difficult but it’s not impossible.

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The story of La Cure.

We are very proud to be the official UK distributors of La Cure Dead Sea mineral luxury skincare products. Within a longstanding relationship with this Jordanian family run company we are enjoying every step of the journey. Receiving really positive feedback on how our products have dramatically improved our customer’s skin and as a result of it their confidence levels makes every day worthwhile.

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