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Neuro Glow - One Of The Hottest Beauty Trends for 2024. 

Whilst the spa industry has always focused on the importance of well-being this has begun to now trickle down to the consumer sector.

Dare To Bare.


A growing trend for 2023 is ditching the make up and letting natural beauty shine through so ensuring skin is in tip-top condition has never been more important. 

Beauty Snacking.

Fancy a calorie free version of snacking that makes you feel and look good? Add a little Beauty Snacking to your day for an instant emotional and physical boost.

Slugging - Let Your Skin Shine.

Whilst there are many popular beauty trends Slugging is certainly one that has caught the headlines, partly due to its simplicity and bizarre title. In essence, the facial skin is covered in an occlusive moisturiser, these create a physical barrier on the skin to prevent trans epidermal water loss and lock in hydration. Thus protecting the skin’s outer most layer (the Stratum Corneum) from dehydration, premature ageing and enabling it to heal more quickly. The thick, shiny appearance of the skin after application is likened to that of a slug, hence the treatment name.