Sweet Dreams.

What time period constitutes a good night’s sleep? Whilst individuals might have a wide variety of opinions on this stemming from their own personal preferences, the generally accepted timeframe of seven to eight hours is used as a benchmark. 

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New Year New You.

With each New Year comes an opportunity to set those well meant New Year’s resolutions, be it a reflection on the past year motivating changes or a more recent over indulgence through the festive period. Health and wellbeing is often on the top of people’s lists motivating a desire to cleanse, detox and rejuvenate inside and out.

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The Big Chill.

Change in seasons is always beautiful but with these comes the need to make adjustments to your skincare routine, ensuring skin remains in its optimal health. There are so many aggressors to combat when autumn arrives including colder temperatures, harsh winds and of course central heating. Follow our tips to see how simple changes can make a big difference.

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On The Face Of It.

How often should you use a facial mask.

This can vary anywhere from every four to six weeks depending on your skin type and age but the average recommended frequency is every four weeks as in general the skin cells will have completed a regeneration cycle by then and will require a further boost. This is of course in addition to a daily cleanse, tone and moisturise routine with exfoliation being carried out normally on a weekly basis, again dependent on skin type. Sensitive skin should normally only be exfoliated once a week to avoid irritation but oily skin may require this to be done two times a week to remove excess oil and dead skin cells that can block pores.

Salon application versus “at home” use.

Ideally a combination of both should be adopted. Whilst it is of course possible to buy facial masks in shops without the proper analysis of your skin type by a professional there is a potential to purchase the wrong one for your skin type. A therapist will not only carry out a full facial treatment but they will also advise on your skin type and how best to look after it, along with being able to recommend products that will produce optimal results. A facial treatment is also very relaxing and pampering so it’s equally good for the mind and body. Most treatments will also include a facial massage, giving an immediate sense of calm and wellbeing, normally after a period of about twenty four to forty eight hours the full beautifying effects of the facial will be apparent.

Whilst a professional applied facial is advisable it is also recommended that a regular skin care routine is adopted at home using some of the products from the treatment (as advised by the therapist) to ensure the results are maintained and to keep skin in optimal health in between appointments.

Post-Facial recommendations.

These are some basic recommendations to ensure the optimal results from your professional facial treatment which include:

1. Stay hydrated by drinking water.

2. Try to get a good night’s sleep if possible.

3. Don’t apply any make up to the skin until the next day at the earliest.

Not just cosmetic improvements.

It is universally accepted that a facial mask alone cannot increase skin health, a healthy diet and optimum hydration levels are also a necessity as skin is the largest human organ and needs to absorb nutrients mainly from an internal source. Topical facial masks not only have cosmetic benefits but can address many skin concerns and alleviate them. Skin conditions such as Eczema, Acne, Psoriasis and Rosacea can be alleviated through the application of cosmeceutical products but with natural alternatives still currently proving popular other alternatives such as Dead Sea Mineral Mud are experiencing a resurgence. These contain a unique combination of minerals that have proven healing powers, Magnesium promotes healing and increases cell activity, Potassium balances the skin’s moisture levels, Sulphur which acts as a natural disinfectant and Iodine that is vital for the correct function of the body’s metabolism and thyroid gland.

Invest in your skin’s future.

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Hitting The Spot.

In the summer months sunshine can really help improve the appearance of acne and also reduce its presence. However in these colder winter times there’s very little opportunity to let the skin breathe under heavy clothing layers and the sunshine levels are much lower, often exacerbating the condition.

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