Using Aromatherapy To Help Achieve Mental And Physical Wellbeing.

The seemingly endless, changing restrictions and lockdowns related to Covid-19 are leaving many people struggling emotionally and sadly in many cases also financially. Thus causing a large variety of negative emotions such as despair, fear, anger, depression, anxiety and loneliness to name but a few. These can be relating to yourself and concern for loved ones. 

For many the human brain works best in an environment of continuity and routine.  The current ever changing rules and regulations combined with the consistently negative media output constantly challenges our mental processes in ways, which most people aren’t used to.

Recognising the signs of stress is very important. Often lifestyles are so hectic that making time to assess physical and mental changes isn’t always a priority but it’s important to catch these in the early stages if possible. Common symptoms include increased use of tobacco, drugs or alcohol, skin rashes, headaches, stomach problems, weight loss/gain, difficulty sleeping, as well as more recognizable emotional symptoms such as anger, worry, anxiety and frustration. These can be in isolation or any combination, and it’s worth trying to note how long you have been experiencing them.

For a natural pick-me-up, which can offer a soothing, calming respite from the stresses of every day life, consider incorporating aromatherapy complexes into your daily routines either as part of your beauty regime or as a daily relaxation ritual. These can offer a comforting support; with the long and short term effects, which can help, assist in strengthening emotional resilience. 

Whilst some people can use stress as a positive motivator the vast majority of people experience this as a negative emotion that has real physical side effects such as loss of sleep, weight fluctuations, memory loss, lack of concentration and the exacerbating of existing mental and physical conditions. 


Using Nature To Alleviate The Symptoms Of Stress And Illness.

Essential oils and aromatherapy complexes are not cures or vaccines for Covid-19 but they can offer substantial support for our immune systems and emotional wellbeing during these troubling times. Other regular viruses and colds are still rife during the Autumnal and winter months and the physical and emotional symptoms of these, compounded by lockdown uncertainties can be alleviated. 

Some essential oils such as Ginger are diaphoretic. These stimulate the body’s natural defense mechanism (immune system) during the early stages of fever by opening pores and increasing blood circulation.  These can be applied topically daily to the skin and are present in both Make Me Complete and Cellutherapy

The emotional characteristics of anxiety, fear, and despair can be reduced with the calming influence of Lavender. Not only can the inhalation of this reduce stress levels but it also acts as a dual support by also helping to promote relaxation and a good night’s sleep.  Lavender is deemed one of the safer essential oils and can be applied regularly throughout the day, at night and whenever needed.  Choose an aromatherapy complex that can be applied to the skin, not only can this soothe and restore calmness but often the mixture will also include other minerals that act to restore and maintain skin health. Make Me Sweet Dreams and Day Dreams contain Lavender as a key ingredient and are available in a handy, sleek travel size. These are expertly blended with Dead Sea Mineral Salt to care for both physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Essential oils such as Sweet Orange, Lavender, Ginger and Rosemary have long been known for their anti-inflammatory properties, many of these can be immune modulating as well as anti viral. Apply these topically or inhale by depositing a few drops on a handkerchief. Make Me Complete contains Sweet Orange, Lavender and Ginger to offer a holistic solution for optimal physical wellbeing whilst the inclusion of Black Pepper offers natural, warming anti bacterial properties. Often during illness skin can need a much-needed boost to enhance its physical appearance and texture. The uniquely blended inclusion of Dead Sea Salt nourishes the skin and leaves it youthful looking and dewy.


Eat Your Way To Good Physical and Mental Health.

The focus on both mental and physical wellness is key; one does not truly exist without the other. Ensuring a diet rich in immune system supporting foods will not only actually strengthen your body from illness but it can also increase confidence levels and positivity regarding the ability to resist or tackle certain illnesses. Again it must be clearly stated that there is no scientifically proven food group that can protect against/cure Covid-19 but battling everyday day seasonal illnesses is achievable. A key support for the acquisition/maintenance of a strong immune system is eating a light, healthy, balanced diet and staying hydrated by drinking on average 1.5 to 2 litres of water a day (amount varies depending on individual lifestyle). There are many key foods such as garlic, anti-oxidant fruits, yoghurt, broccoli, ginger, spinach and cabbage to name but a few. No one food group alone will achieve this; these must be eaten in a regular combination of meals to ensure the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals.

Whilst the future might still be full of uncertainty the one thing we can focus on is what is within our sphere of control. Embrace and take joy in what you can control, and the certainties you can make for yourself and your loved ones. Stay safe and happy everyone.


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