Taking Care Of You.

Published: Friday, 16 July 2021 15:43

Since June the 24th we have been in Self-Care month, culminating with Self-Care day on the 24th of July. Whist this centres around a month and day, the concept of taking care of yourself has year round benefits. 

What Is Self-Care Day?

The W.H.O’s definition of this is:

"Self-Care is what people do for themselves to establish and maintain health, and to prevent and deal with illness”.


The Juggling Act.

Looking after our wellbeing (both mentally and physically) has never been more important than in the times we currently live in. Lockdowns have been linked to a numerous amount of problems including an increase in poor diet choices, reduced amounts of exercise, increased alcohol consumption and anxiety levels as well as a loss of motivation. Working from home, having to maintain a work-life balance and for many, home schooling has proven very stressful. Often your needs have taken the back seat whilst trying to juggle daily life in recent times. 


Stress Relieving And The Importance Of Making Time For You.

For those of us that are still anxious about treading the path back to as normal a life as possible small steps can be key, and recognising the achievement of these will instil confidence and positivity. Our comfort zones may have altered greatly during this time, it’s very natural and important to realise that it might take time to push through these mental barriers known as Lockdown Anxiety. Identify what specifically has caused anxiety since lockdown, then try and conduct regular activities that still keep you feeling safe but take you ever closer to the life you used to enjoy. Realising that this might be difficult is a great start and will put into perspective the achievements you make. Try incorporating natural stress relievers into your daily habits such as using the Make Me…Day Dreams Aromatherapy Complex. This light, calming oil contains May Chang, Spearmint, Pimento Berry and Ylang Ylang expertly blended in a Lavender and Dead Sea Mineral salt mix to help calm and relax anxiety and nervous tension. The gentle yet effective formula can be applied as often as needed and is quickly absorbed into the skin, making it practical for every day use. 

Making time for yourself is really important, daily exercise improves your physical health, and can be enjoyed alone or with friends/family. Try combining this with a relaxing bath afterwards using La Cure’s Dead Sea Bath Salts, perfect for soothing aching muscles or an invigorating shower using La Cure’s Mineral Fresh Bath and Shower Gel to cleanse and condition the skin. La Cure’s Dead Sea Mineral Salt and Mud is ethically sourced from Jordan and is used in both the La Cure and Make Me ranges. 

Treating and rewarding yourself is very important, ensure you put time aside each day just for you; this can be as little as thirty minutes. Focus on doing things that make you feel good, that could be talking to friends/family, taking up a hobby, indulging in a mini “at home” spa treatment etc. Most professional spa ranges have retail versions of the products used in treatments so having a manicure/pedicure or a facial has never been easier and more accessible. Stressed skin can look tired, La Cure’s Dead Sea Mineral Mud Therapy Face Mask is blended with honey and Sweet Almond Oil to invigorate and give a youthful, healthy glow. Lifestyle changes made to keep us safe such as increased hand washing and antibacterial gel usage sometimes cause dryness, this can be uncomfortable and have an aging effect. Indulge in a mini manicure at home with La Cure’s professional skincare system. Slough away dead skin cells with La Cure's Soothing Scrub Salt to reveal younger, smoother skin. Sweet Almond Oil, Honey and Jojoba Oil are blended with the natural exfoliating properties of Dead Sea Mineral Salt to leave skin silky soft and visibly younger looking. Then lock in moisture and protect skin with La Cure's Mineral Hand Therapy, containing natural beauty boosters, Carrot extract and Vitamin E. 

However you choose to care for yourself, see the 24th of July as a day to celebrate the person you are and take forward a renewed appreciation for what you are still achieving.