Sweet Dreams.

What time period constitutes a good night’s sleep? Whilst individuals might have a wide variety of opinions on this stemming from their own personal preferences, the generally accepted timeframe of seven to eight hours is used as a benchmark. 

On average people that regularly fall beneath this will experience the well know and not so well known side effects. The most common side effects are dark circles, increased eye area puffiness, dehydration and paler than usual skin colour. However a less well known, and perhaps for this reason not always associated side effect is the increased production of Cortisol. This blocks fibroblast function resulting in a biological chain reaction that exacerbates the breakdown of both collagen and elastin. These are the building blocks of healthy, plump, youthful looking skin. When both are degenerating skin is susceptible to ageing at a far quicker rate with the onset of wrinkle formation and skin thickness reduction.  As more mature skin will naturally be undergoing such changes this sleep deprivation acts as a catalyst.

During the summer season, and especially this year we are experiencing prolonged periods of high temperatures, often combined with high humidity. This can also result in poorer quality and less sleep.  With temperatures often remaining warm at night too keeping the windows open is not always an effective solution to cool down your bedroom. Portable air conditioning units are highly effective at cooling room temperatures but if this isn’t an option a fan can also help reduce temperatures to induce a more comfortable sleeping environment. Placing a bowl of cold water in front of the fan to further increase it’s cooling capability. 

Increasing fitness levels through regular high levels of cardio exercise will also naturally promote deep sleep and help regulate/stabilise bodily functions. Whilst reducing levels of caffeine intake is always advised it is also recommend to eat a smaller meal at dinnertime and preferably make this early evening. 


Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy Complex by Make Me.

Ingredients: Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Benzoin, Chamomile Maroc, Vetivert, Lavender, Organic Grapeseed, Organic Sunflower, Jojoba, Passion Flower, Chamomile & Dead Sea Mineral Salt Mix.

Massage is well known to aid relaxation on mental and physical levels. To prolong the relaxing effect of this (or used alone) Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy Complex calms those suffering from Insomnia, insufficient deep sleep, anxiety, irritability and fears. It is also effective in stabilising hormonal changes, mood swings and exhaustion. This professionally blended complex also contains the healing, rejuvenating qualities gained uniquely from Dead Sea minerals as found in the ethically sourced Jordanian Sea Salt present in every Make Me aromatherapy complex. Simply apply to the chest and neck area 30 minutes before retiring to bed. This will effectively relax and calm the mind in preparation for sleep whilst also perfectly moisturising the skin and tackling the signs of ageing/environmental damage in these delicate areas with active organic regenerating natural ingredients. 

Contributor: Charlotte Whitney.

Company: La Cure UK Ltd.

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