Look Your Best When You Feel Your Worst.

Published: Wednesday, 06 November 2019 15:06

As the colder Autumnal weather takes a firm hold there’s always a flourish of articles detailing how to change your skincare regime to counteract environmental changes and the drying effects of central heating.  Here we deal more specifically with tackling the side effects on skin of common illnesses such as colds and flu. A combination of dampness, colder temperatures and heated indoor spaces creates the perfect breeding ground for germs and exacerbate their spreading.  Keeping skin looking healthy when battling these common illnesses can be difficult but it’s not impossible.

When suffering from the common cold or flu skin will often experience various combinations of dehydration, inflammation, loss of a healthy glow creating a sallow skin colour, dryness and irritation.  Cleverly adapting skincare regimes to cope with these symptoms will not only greatly increase the skin’s recovery processes but will leave you looking healthier. Psychologically this can work wonders for one’s self esteem and enhances positive, mental attitude reinforcement. 


Dead Sea minerals have unique beautifying properties that go beyond mere cosmetic results. Blood circulation is boosted giving a natural, healthy glow. The skin is nourished and healed with natural, organic minerals, twenty-six in total; twelve of which are only present in the Dead Sea. Sensitivity and redness can be reduced whilst simultaneously being intensely moisturised. The adaptability of Dead Sea mud and salt means it can be infused into a broad range of skincare products, a few smart additions and substitutions in existing beauty regimes can give positively noticeable results. 


Gentle Cleansing Milk.

Swapping facial washes for cleansing creams is often advisable in Autumnal and Wintry months, as these do not stripe away essential moisture.  This Dead Sea mineral cleansing milk infuses the skin with a moisture boost that leaves it hydrated, with a dewy texture that exudes health and youthfulness. The unique healing benefits of the Dead Sea minerals also reduce the signs of redness and inflammation (especially common around the nasal area) often associated with colds and flu.


Gentle Exfoliating Cream.

Removing excessive layers of heavier textured foundations and topical products is essential. It’s common to opt for heavier coverage makeup as a means to cover up signs of tired, drained skin. Regularly exfoliation will reveal healthier underlying skin cells and increase its ability to absorb product nutrients. This unique Dead Sea mineral Gentle Exfoliating Cream removes dead skin cells and polishes/smooths dry patches. Blood circulation is stimulated to give a natural healthy glow, counteracting the draining effects of illness.


Mineral Mud Therapy Mud Mask.

Taking time out to rest and relax is vital when suffering from colds or flu. This natural Mineral Mud Therapy Mud Mask evens skin tone, removes dead skin cells, firms and reduces inflammation. Being rundown can often cause blemishes and breakouts. The unique healing properties of Dead Sea mineral mud combined with active natural ingredients such as honey and Sweet Almond oil calms and reduces redness and swelling aiding healing, whilst reducing the risk of scarring.


Make Me…Youthful Intensive Facial Oil.

Achieving an instant radiant glow is an essential emotional pick me up when under the weather. Dry, red patches around the nose and dry cracked lips are common side effects when battling seasonal illnesses. Keep a Facial Oil on you at all times, apply sparingly when needed for an instant moisture boost, also dab on lips to alleviate tight, cracked skin in this sensitive area. Make Me…Youthful Intensive Facial Oil uniquely blends Dead Sea mineral salt with the purest natural ingredients to create a skin super food including Marula Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Rosehip Oil. Integrating this hero product into your morning and nightly skincare regime will encourage more youthful, toned, plumper skin that exudes a naturally dewy, hydrated glow.


Make Me…Breathe Free Massage Oil and Make Me…Sweet Dreams Massage Oil.

Nasal/sinus congestion and painful, dry red skin around the nose are common side effects of the common cold. Opt for topical, decongestant oil that not only opens up and unblocks airways but also simultaneously nourishes skin. Make Me…Breathe Free Massage Oil contains Dead Sea salt, Eucalyptus Smithii and Roman Chamomile to bring congestion relief and aid the repair of damaged skin, this gentle natural oil can be applied as often as needed.

Studies have shown that people suffering from a lack of quality sleep are more susceptible to a reduced immune system; which can increase the chances of becoming ill from a common cold virus. Prevention is of course better than cure but if you’re already suffering with such an illness ensuring you get quality sleep is essential to a speedy recovery process. The body uses this time for important cellular regeneration, which impacts on body and skin health. Make Me…Sweet Dreams Massage Oil combines Dead Sea mineral salt with Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Evening Primrose Oil. When applied to the chest and neck before bedtime a feeling of peace and relaxation is created to encourage good quality sleep whilst the nourishing natural ingredients actively repair and restore skin texture and tonality. 


Following all or some of these simple guidelines will help you look your best when you feel your worst this season.