Hitting The Spot.

In the summer months sunshine can really help improve the appearance of acne and also reduce its presence. However in these colder winter times there’s very little opportunity to let the skin breathe under heavy clothing layers and the sunshine levels are much lower, often exacerbating the condition.

This is when modifying your skincare routine to include Dead Sea mineral skincare products can really help. Just a few small changes to your beauty regime can give massive improvements in skin tone, texture and alleviate the symptoms of acne.

Dead Sea minerals contain a unique blend of Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Bromide, Sulphur and Iodine which have been medically proven to promote healing, increase cell activity and act as a natural disinfectant. The skin’s natural ability to heal itself is boosted whilst the upper layers of the skin are rebuilt to give visibly more radiant, even toned, smoother, healthier looking skin.

Dead Sea minerals are present in both mud and also salt products, it is important to choose a range with a broad choice of products ranging from soaps, cleansers, exfoliators, bath salts and mud masks to ensure skin can be deeply cleansed, exfoliated and then rejuvenated.

For those of us that have less time for lengthy beauty skincare routines the application of a mineral mud mask alone can work wonders. This will act as an exfoliator, whilst drawing out any impurities and toxins, which can create the perfect environment for the presence of acne. The skin is left with a radiant healthy glow as the Magnesium promotes healing and increases cell activity. Potassium balances skin’s moisture levels giving a youthful texture and there’s no uncomfortable tightness or dryness afterwards, only healthier beautiful looking skin.

Some acne treatments can be harsh on the skin and exacerbate over sensitivity. Dead Sea minerals gently, effectively support natural healing mechanisms so the appearance of acne and the health of the skin can be improved.

Everyone’s skin is different but if you’d rather try more natural options over chemical based topical products Dead Sea mineral alternatives are a great choice. La Cure can offer a vast array of products, which can be incorporated into existing beauty regimes. There are cleansers, exfoliators, toners, moisturisers and mineral mud masks. For bathing routines there is a restorative shower gel and also healing bath salts, the rejuvenating nutrients can then be locked in with a fast absorbing mineral body lotion.

Even making just a few small changes can make a big difference so choose products which best suit your lifestyle to ensure you’ll use them regularly and gain the full benefits from these natural skin healers.



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