Here Comes The Sun – Be Safe And Have Fun.

It is universally accepted that prolonged exposure to UV rays will damage the skin, resulting in possible cancerous cell formation and premature ageing. It is undeniable that the use of a high factor sun cream is imperative. However, the key to beautiful summer skin is far more complex than just using sun cream/block alone.


The Irrefutable Facts.

Skin requires some sunlight (roughly 10 minutes a day) to absorb the recommended daily amounts of Vitamin D; which is essential for healthy bones. The problems occur when the skin receives more UVA and UVB rays than it can protect against leading to redness and inevitably burning. Wearing a regularly applied substantial sun cream (factor 30+) will reduce the likelihood of burning and thus lower the chances of experiencing skin cancer and premature ageing.

Binge Burning.

Unfortunately much as we may love the British Isles they are not blessed with regular levels of sunshine which often means that when the sun does come out people make the most of it and will spend longer than is safe in it causing burning to take place. The same can be said for summer holidays abroad, this is often the only opportunity people get to take advantage of prolonged sunshine which again can lead to overexposure in the attempt to gain a desired tan. The massive growth of the fake tanning sector is providing an alternative to sun exposure but this will still not protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays.


Most of us can’t wait to put behind us the dreary wet, cold days and are eager to embrace the summer sun. There are many health benefits to summer living. The warm drier weather encourages us to be more active outdoors and often encourages healthier eating as we replace the stodgy winter comfort foods with lighter alternatives such as salads. Our skin can glow with radiance and health in the summer as long as we take care of it and are mindful of the above-mentioned sunbathing pitfalls.

Apart from sun exposure there are many other factors, which can degrade the texture and appearance of the layers of the skin. Dehydration is often a cause of fine lines, this can have many visual warning signs such as an uneven diamond patterns formed by superficial reticulated cracking on the skin’s surface. It is always advisable to drink between 1.5 to 2 litres of water a day but in the summertime this is essential and for those with an active lifestyle more is often recommended.

Air conditioning is sometimes used in the hotter summer months, this can dry skin out quickly so it is recommend to keep a face mist/atomiser upon you at all times. This can be filled with a specific product or just water; both will rehydrate and cool, acting as a more practical alternative to applying a moisturiser if foundation is worn. For the ladies who like myself don’t wear foundation on a daily basis moisturiser re application is also an option, there’s no reason to be in the mindset that moisturiser should only be applied in the morning and at night. Many foundations and day creams do contain a minimum SPF of 15 and this will be clearly marked on the packaging.

Sleep deprivation is also another main cause of fine lines and is often experienced in the summer months due to houses remaining unusually warm. Structurally our houses aren’t built to dissipate large amounts of heat caused by prolonged sunshine, as it’s not a constant in our annual weather patterns. This can lead to reduced amounts of sleep being achieved and also a lower quality.  There are a few obvious solutions to reduce room temperature such as portable air conditioning units, opening windows and the less well-known option of placing a portable fan in front of a bowl of iced water.

Know Your Skin Type.

Most people are aware of the general skin classifications including dry, sensitive, oily, combination, mature etc. but it is key to know how your skin type reacts to the changing weather in summer. For example oily skin can become more spot prone in humid weather; this is because the humidity and water particles in the air combine with the excessive oil production of the skin providing the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive and hence spots to form.

Dry skin can also become even drier and in some instances more sensitive so nourishing skin care products are a necessity. For both skin types healing, lightweight products are recommended such as the La Cure Cleansing Cream, Cooling Toner and Essential Mineral Moisturiser. These will cool and calm skin whilst the unique nourishing benefits of Dead Sea Minerals will repair damage caused by UV rays whilst diminishing scarring.

Enjoy Summer!

Unfortunately after successive years of overly generalised doom mongering about being in the sun a culture has been created which has encouraged people not to go in the sun/outside, which is possibly contributing to people leading more sedentary and therefore unhealthy lifestyles. There is no denying the sun can be very harmful to the skin when basic protection practices are not adopted. However with modern technological advancements in sun cream protection it is possible to enjoy the sun safely as long as these common sense measures are adopted. Just enjoy the sun responsibly and may I wish you all a lovely summer! 

Contributor: Philip Axon.

Company: La Cure UK Ltd.



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