Coping With The Lockdown.

Published: Friday, 24 April 2020 14:18

Firstly we’d like to wish everyone a safe and healthy lockdown, in these times our nation is witnessing heartache, great endurance and some truly heartwarming and inspiring moments. Isolating from our friends and family can be hard but with the combination of technology, wellness and an enduring spirit we will get through this. Here are some useful tips for making the most of lockdown, allowing us to find times of happiness and take a break from our busy lifestyles.

1. Keep to a routine.

Routine’s give us structure to our days, a way of regulating our time usage and make us feel purposeful. With so many being furloughed or working from home the fear of removing the routine given by work is challenging. Create new routines based around your life now such as food shopping, jobs around the house, time for yourself and time with the family. Everybody’s routines will be different and involve various time allocations, there’s no right or wrong approach, just do what is most suitable and enjoyable for you and your family.

2. Get a good night’s sleep.

A restful sleep is essential to allow the mind and body to regenerate, strengthening the immune system and emotional wellbeing. There have also been links between lack of sleep and depression, so ensure you get a good night’s sleep to stay healthy, energised and positive through these times. Aromatherapy can aid a good night’s sleep by being inhaled, through topical applications or a combination of the two.

Make Me’s Sweet Dreams acts as a natural sedative, promoting a healthy sleeping pattern. Combining Patchouli, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Jojoba and Evening Primrose Oil with Dead Sea Salt and Orange Flower Water Essence this organic aromatherapy complex eases nervous tension, anxiety, fears along with irritability associated with insomnia. 

3. Concentrate on what you can control, not what you can’t.

The curbing of some everyday freedoms might make life seem constricted and slightly alien. This is then compounded by a fear of the spread of Covid-19. Just remember you can only control what takes place in your own sphere of life that encompasses your home and actions when in public. Establishing a routine as mentioned in point 1 will give you a sense of control. Make full use of the ability to take one form of daily exercise whilst taking the proper precautions if in the elderly or vulnerable groups. This can be an opportunity to take up a new exercise regime or hobby. Restrictions have always existed in life, but often these were time constraints due to hectic lifestyles and long work commutes. For many who are now furloughed/working from home this is a rare opportunity to rediscover or discover what interests you. 

4. Limit watching the news if you are becoming anxious.

Whilst it’s advisable to regularly follow the news for updates a prolonged viewing fixation can in some people cause a sense of panic and anxiousness. If you feel this growing sense of fear or nervousness limit viewing to a more comfortable frequency such as once a day. 

5. Use it as an opportunity for some “me time”.

There is no denying we are sadly in unprecedented times, some of us having more time on our hands at home, some of us having to juggle home schooling and work and some of us volunteering to help good causes. Make sure you plan in some time for yourself each day. See this as rest for the body and mind. Pamper yourself with a treat such as a relaxing bath, a facial or anything else that gives you the feel good factor. Our luxury Dead Sea Mineral skincare products nourish, protect and beautify, giving you spa quality results at home. We’re all in this as a collective nation and pulling together as a community so treat yourself you’ve earned it!

6. Create different zones in your house.

This is especially useful for families or people adapting to working from home. Remaining indoors for extended periods of time can become to feel claustrophobic. Using physical structures such as room dividers or screens in open plan living areas can give family member’s different areas and quiet zones to enable them to pursue a variety of activities such as hobbies, work, interests or just to relax. If the concept of working from home is new to you try and create a separate area away from your living space in which to work. This allows you to mentally identify a routine of work and then post work activity and relaxation. It’s crucial to be able to switch off when the working day is done. Whilst visiting a spa is no longer an option for the moment, turn your bathroom into one. Candles, bath salts, facial masks, and body scrubs are all wonderful pampering treats for the mind and body. In busy households with shared bathrooms this will of course work better if time is allocated and scheduled in.

7. Catch up on the D.I.Y.

It’s normal to put off some of those boring but essential jobs; we live busy lives and often don’t want to spend our precious free time on work around the house. However whilst we all stay indoors this is the perfect time to catch up with those outstanding D.I.Y jobs. You’ll feel better for having got it done, your home will be improved and it’s one less thing to have to worry about doing when we can all resume normal life again. Only attempt jobs you’re confident you can complete safely though, some might require a skilled professional.

8. Use technology to stay in touch.

For many using technology such as FaceTime, Zoom or Skype is already a part of everyday life. Alongside catch up conversation consider fun family activities like quizzes, baking sessions and other games that can lift the spirits and bridge the distances we are all having to experience.